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Self-Advocacy & Resources

Blind self-advocateSelf-advocacy is the ability to speak and act on one’s own behalf.  Our clients will learn about self-determination, self-advocacy, and perseverance through life’s transitions with a visual impairment or blindness. Advice will be shared on how to improve interpersonal skills, access vision services as a community member, and learn to educate others about vision loss. Students will discuss real-life situations, consider the perspectives of others, and learn about options for responding. 

The training provides our clients knowledge of their rights and responsibilities, helps our clients to speak up for their rights, and how to use knowledge of resources to make choices and decisions that affect their lives.

Key components of the Self-Advocacy and Resources course include learning:

  • How to be an effective self-advocate
  • About disability rights laws
  • About advocacy organizations
  • About resources to promote independence
  • About accessible transportation options
  • How to access accommodations for a variety of services
  • About accessible recreational and leisure activities

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