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Staff Directory

Executive Leadership Team

Ellyn Drotzer MSW, LCSW

President and CEO

Email Ellyn Drotzer
954-463-4217 ext 114

Samantha Kelly BS, MS, TVI, CVRT, COMS

Vice President of Programs

Email Samantha Kelly
954-463-4217 ext 118

Jose Lopez Masso BA, JD

Vice President of Strategic Initiatives and Development

Email Jose Lopez Masso
954-463-4217 ext 141

Eric Barrette BS, MS, CATIS

Director of Technology

Email Eric Barrette
954-463-4217 extension 125

Jillian Gonzalez BA

Director of Operations

Email Jillian Gonzalez
954-463-4217 extension 145

Scott Stewart

Director of Manufacturing, Workforce Enterprises

Email Scott Stewart
954-463-4217 extension 147

Gentry Vitale MBA

Director of Finance

Email Gentry Vitale
954-463-4217 extension 111


Leonardo Banes BS

Assistive Technology Instructor

Email Leonardo Banes
954-463-4217 extension 152

Fabienne Brutus BA

Youth Case Manager

Email Fabienne Brutus
954-463-4217 ext 140

Cassondra Gaylik M.Ed., COMS

Orientation and Mobility Instructor

Email Cassondra Gaylik
954-463-4217 ext 127

Rachel Hage BA, CATIS

Assistive Technology Instructor

Email Rachel Hage
954-463-4217 ext 144

Eunice Jackman BSW

IL Case Manager

Email Eunice Jackman
954-463-4217 ext 123

Steve Matson MA, TVI, COMS

Orientation and Mobility Instructor

Email Steve Matson

LaShonda McDonald BA, MS, CVRT

Rehabilitation Instructor

Email LaShonda McDonald
954-463-4217 ext 119

Tranique Merritt MPA

Grants & Donor Relations Manager

Email Tranique Merritt
954-463-4217 ext 115

Rey Murillo

Operations Coordinator

Email Rey Murillo

Sunny Musgrave BS

VR Case Manager

Email Sunny Musgrave
954-463-4217 ext 135

Saely Quezada BHS

Development Associate

Email Saely Quezada
954-463-4217 ext 156

Saurym Quezada M.Ed

Job Placement Specialist

Email Saurym Quezada
954-463-4217 ext 149

Patricia Roldan MS, COMS

Rehabilitation Instructor

Email Patricia Roldan
954-463-4217 ext 112

Alejandro Sastre

IT Manager

Email Alejandro Sastre
954-463-4217 ext 128

Elaine Schiffman MS, LMHC

Outreach Case Manager

Email Elaine Schiffman
954-463-4217 ext 131

Alexia Serrano

Production Lead, Workforce Enterprises

Email Alexia Serrano
954-463-4217 ext 110

Becky Sprick BS, MS, CRC

VR Case Manager

Email Becky Sprick
954-463-4217 ext. 120

Leticia Cruz Vaz BA, MS, CRC

Intake Referral Specialist

Email Leticia Cruz Vaz
954-463-4217 ext 136

Nathan Williams

Quality Assurance Manager, Workforce Enterprises

Email Nathan Williams
954-463-4217 ext 137

Cindy Wolke BS, TVI

Early Intervention Instructor

Email Cindy Wolke
954-463-4217 ext 116

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