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Salesforce Administrator Training

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The BIT Academy offers a 20-week course designed to prepare clients with a visual impairment to sit for the Salesforce Administrator certification exam. Our goal is for everyone to become a certified Salesforce Administrator, which is the first step into the vast world of Salesforce. Classes begin in January and July of each year. The course is run primarily as independent study with group learning sessions led by certified Salesforce admins with real, on-the-job experience. While most work is done on clients’ own time and schedule through reading and hands-on exercises, class times are used for introducing new concepts and reviewing concepts studied during the week. Clients are expected to dedicate a minimum of 20 hours per week to hands-on activities, reading, and study, plus three hours in class and any time spent as part of a study group or attending office hours and one-on-one sessions with BIT instructors.

Salesforce is the world’s largest Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, used extensively by over 150,000 employers worldwide from small nonprofits like BIT to Fortune 500 giants. With this widespread use, Salesforce Administrators are in high demand with over 9,000 open job  listings on LinkedIn at any given time. The average salary for a Salesforce Administrator in the US is approximately $89,000 annually, and entry-level salaries for Junior Admins average $65,000 annually. A Salesforce Admin certification opens up the possibility for numerous careers within the Salesforce ecosystem. And our favorite part – Salesforce is incredibly accessible!

Salesforce’s Office of Accessibility partners with BIT to unlock opportunities for our clients! We frequently have guest speakers from Salesforce, and our clients are eligible for mentoring by Salesforce employees.

Salesforce provides Certification vouchers for the ADM-201 Salesforce Administrator certification exam and we work closely with Trailhead Accessibility to make certain clients’ accommodation needs are met when they sit for the exam


20 weeks


Eligible for ADM-201 Salesforce Administrator certification exam


  • A basic understanding of and aptitude for IT concepts
  • Analytical thinking and the ability to innovate and find new solutions to problems
  • The desire to explore a new platform and experiment with new concepts rather than simply following directions
  • Intermediate to advanced knowledge of accessibility solutions applicable to a client's disability
  • Determined, methodical, and patient mindset
  • Motivation, time, and desire to apply fully to the course
  • Ability to remain calm and productive under frustration and pressure
  • Self-motivated and resilient with the ability to independently research solutions
  • Problem-solving skills and ability to think outside the box
  • Complete pre-requisite online courses (free modules to learn about the Salesforce platform):
    • The Salesforce Ecosystem: Quick Look
    • Salesforce Admin: Quick Look
    • Career Development Planning
    • Trailhead: Quick Look
    • Trailhead Navigation: Quick Look
    • Trailhead and Trailblazer Community
    • Trailblazer Community Groups
    • Trailhead Playground Management
“We in the office of accessibility are so thrilled about the partnership created between LHOB, BIT and Salesforce. This collaboration allows us to focus our efforts on closing the unemployment gap for people with disabilities, by offering specialized salesforce admin training for blind and low vision professionals, and sending them on the path of a rewarding and sustainable career as salesforce administrators.” Sarah Mark, Salesforce | PwD Workforce Development Program Sr. Manager | Office of Accessibility

For more information, including how to apply, please fill out this contact form or contact your LHOB case manager.

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