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Braille trainingBraille is a system of raised (tactile) dots that can be read by the fingers. Learning Braille is essential to literacy for people who are blind or visually impaired. It is also crucial in the pursuit of education and employment.

Braille is not only used for reading books or magazines. Basic braille skills are extremely useful for use in elevators, reading signage on doors, and locating restrooms. Students of all ages can benefit from learning braille for labeling household objects and playing cards with friends and family. 

Once basic braille skills are learned, clients can build on these skills by learning contracted braille for note-taking, reading textbooks or documents, or learning to use refreshable displays in tandem with a computer or smartphone.

The Lighthouse of Broward is dedicated to teaching braille and offers individual sessions to our clients. Our programs also support businesses, schools, and community agencies with the aim of providing and maintaining access to braille with transcription services available. For more information on Braille Transcription services, please contact Eric Barrette.

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