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Activities of Daily Living

Magnifier over pageDaily Living Skills are the essential skills used in your daily routine. The approach to these skills can change if vision changes. Our team of skilled Certified Vision Rehabilitation Specialists and Activities of Daily Living instructors provide you the tips, strategies, simple modifications, and tools to continue your routine at home, school, or work. Many of these skills are transferable to other areas of your life.  For example, cleaning/clearing a table requires tactile and/or visual scanning patterns or techniques, as does orientation and mobility, reading Braille, or reading using a video magnifier.

Our Instructors aim to individualize and prioritize the most essential skills for your independent living and daily routine. Here are some of the areas we address:

  • Personal Hygiene Care
  • Food Preparation and Kitchen Safety Skills (from list-making and shopping to cooking)
  • Clothing Care and developing and managing your wardrobe
  • Accessing mail and other printed materials
  • Organizational and labeling (visual and non-visual)
  • Household Management and housekeeping
  • Record Keeping and financial/household document management
  • Money/banking management
  • Time and Calendar Management Tools

Training also includes the use of Talking Books, digital recorders, electronic organizers, check-writing and signature guides, talking watches and calculators, and magnifying devices for reading and writing. Introductions to the world of smartphone apps to assist in completing activities of daily living. Skills are developed in labeling cans, medication bottles, and clothing, learning techniques to use the microwave and cooking safely, applying make-up, cutting meat, pouring coffee, and so much more.

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