April 2014
It was a fun day for the babies and kids who are visually impaired or blind

Lighthouse releases new video for 40th Anniversary

Check out our new promotional video!
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    1973-2013 - 40 years with more to come
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    Welcome to the Lighthouse of Broward
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    Doing research is an important part of a successful job search.
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    A blind child lying in the grass, has found a Beeping Egg at the EggStravaganza Egg Hunt.
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    Two children are totally focused as they compete in the local round of the National Braille Challenge.
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    Grandma, mother, and two costumed children enjoy Halloween in the Lighthouse’s Sensory Garden.
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    Most Lighthouse participants have some vision that still is useful with the right aid and training.
  • Summer_camp__playing_piano_.JPG
    A student plays the piano at the end-of-summer-camp recital.
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    Lighthouse interfaith group engages faith leaders in shared experiences.
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    Two seniors sitting together in the Lighthouse’s award-winning Sensory Garden
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    Former clients stay in touch with clubs and social activities at the Lighthouse.

About Our Organization

OUR MISSION: To provide specialized rehabilitation and collaborative healthcare solutions that enhance the independence, productivity, and dignity of children and adults who are blind or visually impaired. OUR VISION: The Lighthouse of Broward is the pre-eminent resource for the visually impaired community.