A salute to the Cowboy

Free Tickets for you, your family and friends!
You are invited to attend a performance of “A Salute to the Cowboy” by the Barbershop Harmony Chorus, The Miamians at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts

Lighthouse releases new video for 40th Anniversary

Check out our new promotional video!
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    1973-2013 - 40 years with more to come
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    Welcome to the Lighthouse of Broward
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    Doing research is an important part of a successful job search.
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    A blind child lying in the grass, has found a Beeping Egg at the EggStravaganza Egg Hunt.
  • HomeImage02.jpg
    Two children are totally focused as they compete in the local round of the National Braille Challenge.
  • HomeImage05.jpg
    Grandma, mother, and two costumed children enjoy Halloween in the Lighthouse’s Sensory Garden.
  • HomeImage07.jpg
    Most Lighthouse participants have some vision that still is useful with the right aid and training.
  • Summer_camp__playing_piano_.JPG
    A student plays the piano at the end-of-summer-camp recital.
  • Lighthouse_St__Anthony_Labyrinth_4_28_12_002.jpg
    Lighthouse interfaith group engages faith leaders in shared experiences.
  • HomeImage11.jpg
    Two seniors sitting together in the Lighthouse’s award-winning Sensory Garden
  • Trivia_Club.jpg
    Former clients stay in touch with clubs and social activities at the Lighthouse.

About Our Organization

OUR MISSION: To provide specialized rehabilitation and collaborative healthcare solutions that enhance the independence, productivity, and dignity of children and adults who are blind or visually impaired. OUR VISION: The Lighthouse of Broward is the pre-eminent resource for the visually impaired community.